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Walk 2.0 Expanding Your Quilting Design Toolbox – In-person Workshop

  • December 04, 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Austin Sewing Machines & Quilting, 1601 S. IH 35, Suite 300, Round Rock, TX 78664
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  • 1 Day Workshop
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  • 1 Day Workshop
    Sunday, 9am - 4pm

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Jacquie Gering brings her advanced walking foot quilt workshop based on her new book WALK 2.0 to Austin! 

We'll be taking the walking foot through its paces during this WALK 2.0 class.  Students will learn and quilt designs that represent design categories featured in the 2.0 book.  Students will learn and practice several of the BIG Six walking foot techniques. With these skills and techniques student should be able to tackle the remaining designs in the walk book on their own.  Students should be familiar with walking foot basics.

To download this workshop's materials list and homework, please click here.

Materials List:

  1. Sewing machine with walking foot or dual feed and a seam guide (guide bar). The seam guide is required in this class. If you don't have a seam guide, please contact me and I'll help you fashion one for your machine. Please make sure your machine is clean, oiled and in good working order with a fresh needle installed. If an open toe sole is available for your walking foot, please make sure that it is attached.
  2. The WALK 2.0 book is highly recommended, and I recommend the first WALK book as well. (The books are available for purchase from your local quilt shop or Amazon.)
  3. An extension table is recommended, but not required. 
  4. If using a dual feed, please have all the feet that work with the dual feed available. Choose a foot that has an open toe with good visibility around the needle. 
  5. Knee lift installed if available with your machine
  6. Thread for quilting (I recommend 50 weight Aurifil thread in both the top and bobbin). Typically an 80/12 needle is a good match for 50-weight thread. Choose a needle that is good for piercing layers like a sharp, quilting or topstitch needle. Thread that contrasts with your practice sandwiches will help you see your quilting stitches better while practicing.
  7. Fabric safe marking pencil and a 24” acrylic ruler for marking
  8. A beam compass or make a string compass from the instructions on pages 70-71 of WALK 2.0. The beam compass may also be available at your local Home Depot. A Clover pencil should fit in the spot for the regular pencil in the compass.  Make sure you have a marking tool that will fit in that pencil slot. Link to the beam compass is at the bottom of the supply list. (If you need help with compass requirements, please feel free to contact me.  I’m happy to help.  There are other options for this class that I’m happy to explain.)
  9. Quilting gloves (optional)
  10. Four 18" x 18" quilt sandwiches for practice (top, batting, backing). Please make sure the batting and backing extends 1” on each side beyond the quiltable area.
  11. Straight pins and either masking or painter’s tape
  12. Tweezer or stiletto for helping pull up bobbin thread
  13. 24” acrylic ruler for marking
  14. Practice sandwiches should be whole cloth and solid fabrics so you can easily see your stitching.  I recommend low loft cotton batting.  You can pin baste or spray baste your prepared quilt sandwiches, but they need to be basted and ready to quilt.  Spray basted quilt sandwiches will be easier to mark and are recommended.


  1. Read the Walking Foot Refresh chapter in WALK 2.0 or the Basics chapter in WALK and make a list of any questions you may have about walking foot basics.
  2. Print the interval tool handout that I will send you.
  3. Print templates that you receive as handouts.  Trace on plastic or stiff cardboard and cut out.
  4. Print the basics handout for note-taking.

Link to beam compass

Registration Opens: Monday, September 5, 2022

Click to view Jacquie's website.

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