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UnFinished Object Challenge

Well, the Challenge Committee has received multiple requests for another UFO Challenge.  So here we go with one again.

The deadline for finishing is March 4th 2024, our social guild meeting.  That gives you potentially 5-6 months to complete your UFO’s.    Deadline for entering the challenge is the December 2023 guild meeting.  At the March2024 guild meeting, we will display all the projects completed and, yes, prizes will be awarded!!

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Here are the rules:

1.     A guild member may enter up to a total of 5 UFO Projects in this challenge.   Up to two of these UFO projects may fall into Rule #3.
2.     Each entry MUST be registered with the challenge committee.  This can be done simply by completing  the documentation log we will provide.  The log will be used to document each project’s  “State at Start” (ie: blocks cut out, just needs binding, etc).  The “Target State” is the state you will finish the quilt at by March 6th, 2023 (ie:  done, ready for quilting, etc)  Once you complete the log, give a copy to Judy at the guild meeting or send Judy or Suzie a copy via email/text.  If you can, include photos of your projects when you submit your log.  We would love to see these starting points.
3.     You may enter up to 2 UFO projects (of the 5 total) that may not get finished by March 4th, 2024 but a significant amount of progress on the project will be made in order to be considered part of the challenge.  (ie:  you completed the top, but now it needs quilting and binding; you completed 6 of 12 hand appliqued Baltimore album blocks)   Put it on your challenge log documenting the project’s starting point and what you hope to complete by March 4th, 2024.   
4.     Each entry will be given a ticket toward prizes.  The project must reach its projected “Target State” to be considered completed.  You complete five projects; you get five tickets.    So, the more you complete, the greater your chance to win!
5.     Quilted projects must be completed by March 2024 and brought to the guild meeting.  We will display as many projects as possible before we declare the prize winners.
Any questions can be directed to Judy or Suzy.

UFO docmentationlog.pdf

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