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Order of the Fat Quarter

The order of the fat quarter is given to someone who has done something for AAQG “above and beyond” their job description or their role as a member. A fellow member may nominate you and you would receive an AAQG pin, a fat quarter, and public recognition at a meeting.  The Coordinator of the Order of the Fat Quarter would present your accomplishments as a mystery, saying “this person” did such and such and this and that and as (s)he goes on, more and more people know whose work (s)he is describing. You will not know you are receiving the award ahead of time or even that you’ve been nominated.

Above and beyond is more than required by the job description you had or have. For instance you did something not required that benefited AAQG, you may have solved a problem that no one else noticed or had the expertise to handle, you may have outdone everyone else who had your job before you or you may have adapted to unexpected events creatively to the benefit of all of us.

The process has been relaunched after a hiatus. Nominations should be submitted annually by March 15 each year and will be presented during the April in-person or Zoom meeting.

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Ann Blasdel

Nena Richardson

Cheryl Degan

Kris Johnston

Melissa McFerrin

Judy Elliot
Debbie Finn
Meghan Gerety
Deb Harris

Kelly Hogan
Mary Lorenz
Melissa McFerrin
Laura Murphy

Suzy Phillips
Marlenia Richardson
Lorrin Savage
Deloria Stapter

Susan Tennison
Cynthia Vaughn
Dawn White


Carrie Thielemann

Karen Alexander
Beverly Carter
Ceil Hart

Kelly Hogan
Darlene Khosrowpour

Carolyn Klassy
Tomasita Louviere-Ligons

Mary Mikeska
Dede Powell 

Renita Bankhead
Cheryl Degan

Judy Freeman
Deborah Goltra *

Emma Krenek
Kathy Sato

Mary Lorenz

Cheryl Degan

Gracie Killough

Jennifer Padden

Sharon Cole
Cheryl Degan
Barbara Garner

Barbara Johnston
Mary Lorenz
Doris Miller

Mary Murdock
Bobbie Peters
Sandy Pigford 

Laura Seagart
Tara Weaver

Sharon Cole

Cheryl Degan

Josie Carraher

Jean Henry

Frances Ledenbach

Ellen Cabluck *

Patty Cline

Cheryl Degan

Pam Peters

Dutch Dolls Bee

Loose Threads Bee

Lois Akins

Karol Broussard

Kay Huffman

Mark Lindberg

Pam Peters

Mary Raper

Kathy Tucker

Audrey Winter


Barbara Barrett

Debbi Best

Glenda Brown

Ann Byrd *

Ellen Cabluck *

Flo Cochran

Jane Coefield

Betty Colburn

Beverly Copher

Patrice Creswell

Barbara Garner

Ruth Gastler

Sheri Haner

Sandy Hirsh

Kay Huffman

Osie Liebowitz

Kathleen McCrady

Lorraine Mossman

Barbara Neufeld

Melinda Noonan

Nola Ray

Marilyn Roskey

Ruth Rowe

Rebecca Salinger

Melissa Grooms Sullivan *


Flo Cochran

Jeanette Havens

Marge Kelly

Laury Lauer

Rosie de Leon McCrady

Karen Monaghan

Deb Morton

Pam Peters

Ruth Rowe

Betty Shannon

Jaqua Lynn Stuard

Lisa Walker

Mary Welge


Renita Bankhead

Barbara Barrett

Jan Brissette

Flora Cochran

Inez Eppright

Dianna Fair

Kathy Hague

Jo Lindberg

Mark Lindberg

Kathleen McCrady

Carlie Mims

Althea Murray

Carol Robins

Erika Rogala


Mary Lorenz

Marcia Kaylakie


Barbara Aviles-Torsberg

Pat Beachy


Jill Bacon

Barbara Barrett

Mary Beard

Nancy Brinkley

Ellen Cabluck (2) *

Barbara Carson

Flo Cochran

Dorene Cohen

Mary Beard

Patty Cline

Rosie deLeon-McCrady

Bertha Harris

Bonnie Harvey

Emily Haynes

Beth Kennedy

Suzanne Labry

Lynette Lewis

Kathleen McCrady

Delona Demo

Nite Owls Bee

Lois Moran

Mary Murdock

Mary Raper

Elaine Rich

Erika Rogala

Rebecca Salinger

Nadine Schneider

 Tari Weaver

Betty Shannon

Mary Shepherd

Melissa Sullivan

Gwen Tate

Susan Tennison

Carmen Vasquez

Lenel Walsh

Lorre Weidlich

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