Austin Area Quilt Guild


    • December 05, 2020
    • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST)
    • Zoom
    • 20

    It’s as easy as doing a coloring book, with a few extra strokes of paint. This original technique utilizes fusible web to transfer your painted imagery to Organza. You will create a completely new and unique form of art quilt by combining and overlapping layers of paint and transferring it onto organza. This is a process at which anyone can master, you don't have to be an artist to succeed with this fun and user-friendly technique. Learn how to make beautiful Flowers that glow.

    Registration is closed.

    Supply List

    Visit Esterita's beautiful website here.

    • December 06, 2020
    • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST)
    • Zoom
    • 20

    In this out-of-the-box class you will learn Esterita’s new technique for assembling fused sheers.  No templates, no points or seams to match,  just free cutting to create a dynamic and expressive portrait. Sheer fabrics are the building blocks for a translucent shimmering portrait that will glow and sparkle while adding depth to your fiber art piece. See the possibilities when new shapes and colors are created by simply overlapping transparent fabrics. Add more creative tools to your fiber art repertoire.

    Supply List

    Registration is closed.

    Visit Esterita's beautiful website here.

    • January 09, 2021
    • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST)
    • Zoom
    • 20

    This eye-catching block is easier to make than it looks. Come to class and learn the techniques that make foundation paper-piecing fun!

    You will work on one 20" x 20" block in class. Choose fabrics and colors for your own block to set the mood you want, either vintage or modern. You can repeat blocks to make a bigger quilt or you can use this block alone or as a center medallion. Choose fabrics and colors for your own block to set the mood you want, either vintage or modern.

    Class is full, wait list is open.

    Access to a class workbook, with pdf patterns to print and a complete supply list will be available to registrants 2 weeks before workshop date.

    6-hour class. All skill levels welcome. Click here for the Supply List.

    Visit Becky's beautiful site for additional project  information.

    • January 10, 2021
    • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST)
    • Zoom
    • 20

    This needle turn hand applique class focuses on invisible applique techniques. All skill levels welcome.

    Each flowers rests on an 8" x 8" block. Four 8" blocks are sewn together make the larger 16" block. You will work on one 8” block in class. The block pattern (from the book, The Quilter's Practical Guide To Color) and complete supply list will be provided to class participants 2 weeks before the workshop date.

    Registration now open.

    Click here for the supply list.

    Visit Becky's beautiful site

    • February 27, 2021
    • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST)
    • Zoom
    • 9
    Register to quilt your quilts on your home machine and maybe free motion quilting isn't for you? Come discover the joy and creative possibilities of quilting with your walking foot. Straight-line quilting has a long history and is making a comeback in both modern and traditional quilts.

    Learn tips and tricks for successful quilting with your walking foot along with creative quilting designs that can be accomplished on your home machine, based on designs and information in Jacquie's book, 'WALK: Mastering Machine Quilting With Your Walking Foot.'

    Class is full,  waitlist is open.

    Visit Jacquie's website at tallgrassprairiestudio.

    Supply list coming soon.

    • February 28, 2021
    • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CST)
    • Zoom
    • 20

    This is a full day class for quilters who have mastered the basic skills of walking foot quilting and want to push the envelope of what the walking foot can do.

      Be prepared for intense and intricate designs from  Jacquie's book, 'WALK: Mastering Machine Quilting With Your Walking Foot.'

    This class is designed as either a continuation of Saturday’s Creative Quilting With the Walking Foot I, or as an advanced class for those who already have some experience quilting with the Walking Foot and want to expand their knowledge.

    Registration currently open.

    Visit Jacquie's website at tallgrassprairiestudio.

    Supply list coming soon.

Past workshops

November 08, 2020 Express Your True Self: One Piece at a Time with Sheila Frampton-Cooper - Zoom
November 07, 2020 Improv Blocks with Sheila Frampton-Cooper - Zoom
October 02, 2020 CANCELLED - 3 Day Workshop: Surface Design with Betty Busby
September 12, 2020 Mermaid Quilt with Mary Beard - Saturday Workshop - Zoom
August 01, 2020 Dancing With the Wall Quick Step with Irene Roderick - Zoom
July 12, 2020 CANCELLED - Liberated Houses with Barb Vedder - Sunday Workshop
July 11, 2020 CANCELLED - Magic Medallions with Barb Vedder - Saturday Workshop
February 28, 2020 3 Day Workshop: True Colors with Carol Soderlund
February 02, 2020 Circle and Curve Sampler - Workshop with Maria Shell
February 01, 2020 Making Prints out of Solids - Workshop with Maria Shell
January 04, 2020 Circle Vest - Wearables Workshop with Patricia Montgomery
December 07, 2019 2 Day Workshop - Feathers and Backgrounds Machine Quilting with Cindy Needham
October 04, 2019 3 Day Workshop: Surface Design with Jane Dunnewold
June 30, 2019 Sunday Workshop: Improvisational Hand Embroidery on Wool with Laura Wasilowski
June 29, 2019 Saturday Workshop: Zen Doodle Quilts with Laura Wasilowski
June 01, 2019 Quiltworx with Terre Walker - 2 Day Workshop
May 05, 2019 Sunday Workshop: Let Your Clothes / Quilt Speak for You with Rachel Clark
May 04, 2019 Saturday Workshop: Seminole Technique with Rachel Clark
March 29, 2019 Workshop: Draw your Next Quilt with Susan Shie - 3 Day Workshop
March 02, 2019 Favorite Places with Valerie Goodwin - 2 Day Workshop
February 03, 2019 Seeds and Pods - Hand Embroidery Workshop with Susan Edmonson
February 02, 2019 Garden Girls - Hand Embroidery Workshop with Susan Edmonson
January 06, 2019 Hand Applique with David Taylor - 1 Day Workshop
January 05, 2019 Machine Applique with David Taylor - 1 Day Workshop
October 07, 2018 Sunday Workshop: Ice Crystals with Karen Combs
October 06, 2018 Saturday Workshop: Patchwork Illusion with Karen Combs
July 06, 2018 Dye Paint Your Images with Hollis Chatelain - 3 Day Workshop
June 03, 2018 Sunday Workshop: Go Fly a Kite with Rayna Gillman
June 02, 2018 Saturday Workshop: Modern Quilts from Old Blocks with Rayna Gillman
April 08, 2018 Sunday Workshop: Tree Farm with Edyta Sitar
April 07, 2018 Saturday Workshop - Seasonal Silhouettes with Edyta Sitar
February 04, 2018 Sunday Workshop - Hooked on Feathers with Sally Terry
February 03, 2018 Workshop - Terry Twist with a Splash of Inspiration with Sally Terry
January 06, 2018 2 Day Workshop - Artful Log Cabins with Katie Pasquini Masopust
December 03, 2017 Sunday Workshop - Slash 'n' Sew Vest or Wall Hanging - Lorraine Torrence
December 02, 2017 Saturday Workshop - Collage Curves Mini Quilt - Lorraine Torrence
October 01, 2017 Sunday Workshop: Thread Art with Lola Jenkins
September 30, 2017 Saturday Workshop - Portrait with Lola Jenkins
September 10, 2017 Sunday Workshop - Black and White and Red All Over with Nancy Prince
September 09, 2017 Saturday Workshop - Thread Painted Landscapes: Summer with Nancy Prince
June 04, 2017 Sunday Workshop - Gorgeous Gridded Backgrounds by Cindy Seitz-Krug
June 03, 2017 Saturday Workshop: Trapunto by Machine with Cindy Seitz Krug
February 05, 2017 Sunday Workshop - Self-Mitered Log Cabin with Anita Grossman Solomon
February 04, 2017 Saturday Workshop - Starring Stars with Anita Grossman Solomon
January 08, 2017 Workshop - "Machine Quilt Drawing" with Lauren Alisa Austin
January 07, 2017 Workshop - Photo Memory Quilts with Lauren Alisa Austin
December 04, 2016 Workshop - Abstracting from Nature with Jane Sassaman
December 03, 2016 Workshop - Leaf Sampler - Personalities of a Leaf with Jane Sassaman
October 02, 2016 Workshop - Sew on the Go! – Lady of the Lake Quilt Block - Hand Piecing Workshop with Mickey Depre
October 01, 2016 Workshop - A Taste of WAbash5-6830 Workshop Half-Scrap Quilts Book with Mickey Depre
July 10, 2016 Workshop - Prayer Flags with Valerie C. White
July 09, 2016 Workshop - Mono Prints with Valerie C. White
June 05, 2016 Red, White & Blue Project Sew-In
May 21, 2016 Boutique Workshops - "Take Out" bags
April 03, 2016 Workshop - Crazy Needle book with Julie Craig
April 02, 2016 Workshop - Hanky Sampler with Julie Craig
March 06, 2016 Workshop - Wild Waves with Nancy Mahoney
March 05, 2016 Workshop - Feathered Star Wallhanging with Nancy Mahoney
January 31, 2016 Workshop - Stone Mosaic Dimensional Diamonds with Jan Krentz
January 30, 2016 Workshop - Quick Broken Star without Y Seams with Jan Krentz
December 06, 2015 Workshop - Heirloom Feathers & Backgrounds with Cindy Needham
December 05, 2015 Workshop - Linen Ladies with Cindy Needham
October 04, 2015 Workshop - Free Motion Embroidery with Rami Kim
October 03, 2015 Workshop - The Fifth Dimension with Rami Kim
September 13, 2015 Workshop - Tree of Life Wall Hanging with Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli
September 12, 2015 Workshop - Coat Tales - Garment Embellishing with Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli
April 11, 2015 Workshop - 'Lincoln's Watch' With Paula Barnes
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