Austin Area Quilt Guild


Marilyn Hardy

Marilyn Hardy of Tyler, Texas was one of the founding members of the Quilters Guild of East Texas. Through the years she has served her guild in many capacities, including president, quilt show chairman, judging coordinator, and newsletter editor. For her service to the guild, she was honored with a lifetime membership.

It was through her volunteering as quilt show judging coordinator that Marilyn became interested in the process of judging quilt shows. She began judging and went further to become a National Quilting Association Certified Judge in 2008. She is one of the charter members of the National Association of Certified Quilt Judges.

For Marilyn quilting is more than a hobby—it is a major focus, and her judging is an outgrowth of her passion for quilts. Marilyn explains, “As a quilt show judge, I recognize, reward, and encourage excellence in quilt design, workmanship, and creativity. My hope is that the comments I make as a judge will be insightful, helpful, and encouraging to those quilters who have dedicated themselves to starting and finishing a quilt.”

Nancy Fuka

Nancy started sewing when she was a small child and has been quilting since about 1982. After taking that first quilting class, she just couldn’t stop taking more and more classes and making more and more quilts and quilt tops. Nancy says she can’t pick a favorite quilt technique or quilting specialty because she loves them all!

She is an NACQJ Certified Quilt Judge who has judged local, regional, and international quilt shows. She also teaches and lectures on various quilting topics. Not content to stay idle during the pandemic, Nancy made over 3,000 face masks for friends, family, and Operation Bandana New Mexico and now has a giant pile of scraps for her next quilting project.

Connie Duffey

Connie is an award-winning quilter and a retired Army wife. She first picked up needle and thread while watching her grandmother sew. Connie took her first sewing lesson in sixth grade and has been sewing ever since. Sewing clothes was the easiest way to get a new outfit! 

Her husband, Dennis, surprised her a few weeks before their first Christmas together by taking her down to the Sears Mail Order Store and letting her choose her first machine. It was at Ft Bragg, North Carolina that Connie learned how to make a quilt (the really old-fashioned way with cardboard templates). This quilt was a work in progress for almost 12 years!

At subsequent duty stations, Connie learned tole painting, woodworking, and silk embroidery. She came back to quilting when they moved to Texas in 1994. A non-quilting co-worker suggested they go to the International Quilt Festival one year and it inspired Connie to work on her quilting skills. She is an active member in the Crossroads to Texas Quilt Guild. She is currently working to become a nationally certified quilt judge.

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