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'Catch of the Day' by Janette Sheldon
'Catch of the Day' by Janette Sheldon
"Catch of the Day"
by Janette Sheldon
  • Size: 51.00" W x 28.00" L
  • Entry #409, Art Quilts, All Sizes Category
  • Excellence in Color, Small
  • Honorable Mention in Art Quilts, All Sizes Category
I started with an oversized, stuffed, faded trout heading to the trash. I filleted it, took tucks to change its size and character, and then headed to my scrap bag. The fins and tail are made from a piece big enough to fold. The gill fabric was purchased, but everything else was made from scraps. Even the couched yarn came from weaving scraps. Each scale was individually cut and placed. I started at the tail with no real plan. It just evolved. Most of the scales are attached by machine, some by hand. The head was paper pieced, machine appliquéd, and machine quilted. My CATCH OF THE DAY resides on my bathroom wall.
Hand Piecing, Machine Piecing, Machine Appliqué, Machine Quilting, Paper Piecing, Embellishment (Couching)
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